this was for today’s drawergeeks. i couldn’t figure out how to draw henchmen without their boss so unfortunately mine came out more like they are burgling rather than uh… henching.


i wasn’t planning on doing anything this week. i just have so many other things going on and i didn’t really have a good henchman idea in mind. but then i just started scribbling and this sorta came out. and then i decided i should add some shading to the doodle but i didn’t really have time so i experimented with just using the dodge and burn tools (with very faint splotches of color). then i added some noise to everything because, why not? the result came out sorta… messy. i don’t think i’ll ever try this technique again. but you never know.


  1. ali’s avatar

    well i like it! :) i wish my “no time” drawings came out this good! :)

  2. Marcelo’s avatar

    well…I like it too. The characters are great and I didn´t see anything wrong with this technique.

  3. Bryan B.’s avatar

    I diggit. They look very henchy to me.

  4. Muffin’s avatar

    I really like it, Mike – I’m glad you did one for this week. :)

  5. Alina’s avatar

    Love the character design!! Fun story moment too!

  6. S.T. Lewis’s avatar

    This is great in every way. Really nice stuff.

  7. Sarah!’s avatar

    Yay henchmen! I thought yours very henchtastic. I just realized now I have yet to mail your stuff and that’s super shameful cause I was just at the post office just now!

  8. lucy’s avatar

    grate caracters! love the colors too! experimenting is grate, it helps so much to learn and ocasionally you find things that you weren´t looking for!!!

  9. mike’s avatar

    well. okay. maybe i won’t call it quits on this technique just yet. :)

    thanks, everyone! you guys are awesome!

  10. Katie’s avatar

    thats cool i love animation and cartoons you should write a comic book

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