while everyone was at SDCC…

…i sat at home depressed i was sitting at home. :(

well, not entirely. i did stay pretty busy. first off, me and all of the lunchbox funnies guys were asked to provide some guest strips for scott kurtz of pvp fame. and because we at lunchbox all think scott is a super great guy, most of us said yes (that and the promise of increased traffic to our sites is always a good bribe). click here to read mine!


also- i worked on the parable site a bit. the book is completely done, so i thought a little revamp of the site would be nice while we scout for publishers. especially since i won’t have much to update on it till we actually have one.


also- i added my current seed blog comic panels to comicspace in an effort to get more use out of a great community that i rarely ever visit (but should!). once i get around to drawing more of those, i’ll update them on there as well as here.

also- i started playing zelda: twilight princess on wii finally! and it was so worth the wait.

also- i saw the simpsons on friday and thought it was hillarious. and before going to the theater i simpsonized myself!


jen and i are seeing travis tonight in orlando. before the concert we’re going to try to visit one of those 7-elevens they turned into kwik-e-marts. :)


  1. Keath’s avatar

    Oooo – I haven’t listened to Travis in a long time. Good ol’ Fran and the boys. “Side” is an amazing song and I’ve always been partial to a little “Writing To Reach You” and “U16 Girls.” Might have to cue up a little iTunes action tonight whilst sketching.

    To be honest I didn’t realize they were still doing albums – hope you enjoy the show!

  2. Chad’s avatar

    hey Mike…

    Travis is my favorite band and I caught them last night in Atlanta….I’ve been listening to them since I was 16 and in those 10 years have never gotten to see them….so last night was a pretty big deal for me…it was the best show I’ve ever been to and the guys are just the best…Fran seemed in especially good spirits and they ended up doing a 5 song encore instead of the two I was able to scope out on the set list….I hope you have a great time!

    keep an eye on Doug…he’ll steal the show…:)

  3. bryan b.’s avatar

    Ha, awesome comic. Man, you’re my comic hero, the cow pez, sweet!

  4. Sarah!’s avatar

    Hey Mike!

    Sweet comic and nice redesign of the Parable site. You were definitely missed at the con! I was great to finally meet Jeremy VanHoozer and Stephen McCranie though. :D

    I have a signed Flight for you as well as something from Pascal! Yay! When I get back to Texas next week I’ll mail ’em!


  5. Ash’s avatar

    i founf ur blog by accident, then realised u did one of the guest strips for PVP! Aces!
    lots of good artwork too!

  6. mike’s avatar

    keath and chad- travis was awesome! i love it when a band sounds better live then they do on their albums. definitely one of the best shows i’ve been to and absolutely the best show beginning i’ve been to.

    bryan- aw shucks, dude. i wish pez would contact me about a cow pez dispenser!

    sarah- aw sweet! i can’t wait! i saw that picture of all you guys on greg’s massive photo site and was really wishing i could have been there. i bet the con was just awesome!

    ash- thanks, man! glad you found me. :)

  7. Sankam’s avatar

    Thought I recognized that PvP guest strip. Congratulations!

  8. mike’s avatar

    thanks, sankam! your comic is coming out really nice. :)

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