the smoking caterpillar

i don’t usually post the work i do for… well, work, but i kinda like the way this one came out.


i was assigned to draw the hookah smoking caterpillar for a drug course at the school i work at. other than that i pretty much had free reign to do what i want. if i ever had the opportunity to draw illustrations for an alice in wonderland book, i’d take it before the queen of hearts could yell, “off with her head!”


  1. Keath’s avatar

    Very cool! I love the fog effect on the ground.

    Add me to the list who’d do Alice illustrations any day. I love that story.

  2. Tony C.’s avatar

    Beautiful! I am always wary of everyone’s renditions of the “Alice” characters, but this certainly passes the test. I would love to see a whole book in your style.

  3. kei’s avatar

    fab work! very inspirational!

  4. laura williams’s avatar

    Really great! I agree that it would be a treat to see your version of the Alice in Wonderland tale.

  5. bryan b.’s avatar

    Nice. Love Alice in particular.

  6. mike’s avatar

    keath- thanks, dude! i almost read you comic on your blog but stopped when i saw spoiler alert. i gotta wait three years to find out the end!

    tony- whew! thanks tony!

    kei- you got some fab work on your blog too. :)

    laura- very cute comics you have! love the potter scribbles.

    bryan- yeah, she’s more fun to draw then caterpillars. i sketched her out quicker than anything on there and i’m afraid it shows.

  7. bruna’s avatar

    I keep imagining what you might come up if the theme was Neverland… (subliminar sugestion entering your brain riiiiight nooow…) great art Mike! b.

  8. kei’s avatar

    thanks 4 coming by my blog, im glad u liked. again i’d like to say, great work!

  9. mike’s avatar

    bruna- oooo! now i’m hoping for a peter pan assignment… faeries, mermaids, pirates- so many possibilities!

    kei- thanks again!

    amanda- :D

  10. ali’s avatar

    that is fantastic! absolutely the coolest! :) i LOVE alice in wonderland!! and i’d LOVE to see your take on Peter Pan!! woohoo!!

  11. megan’s avatar

    I love this, Mike! The caterpillar’s expression is great.

  12. mike’s avatar

    thanks ali and megan. :D

  13. Kent Culotta’s avatar

    Hey Mike,

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I am so jealous. Wow!!

  14. LopesCa’s avatar

    I love Alice :)

  15. leon’s avatar

    best smoking caterpillar there is on the net!

  16. Jodee’s avatar

    I have this piece tattoo’d on my back!!! It’s quite large, my entire right shoulder blade. And I have gotten SEVERAL complements on it! I would like to pass those on to you. I had no idea this was an original piece. Now 3 years later I am getting the rest of the piece done (my whole right side, should and back). You said you would take the opportunity to draw illustrations for an alice and wonderland book in a heartbeat. Would you be willing to draw a few things for my new piece of art??? I would be beyond grateful!!!!!! Please email me at

    Thank you again for your artistic talent and sharing it!
    (p.s. I would like to apologise for any offense in getting the piece done-as stated I was fully unaware it had a sole creator as yourself)

    Jodee *MJ*

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