back from vacation

i’m back from my NY-MoCCA-Boston trip! and i had a great time. MoCCa is my absolute favoritest convention and the best part about it is meeting so many talented creators and seeing the work they do. there’s just something about the small press comic world that makes me feel so excited to be drawing comics. all i wanted to do when i got back was start creating things right away! unfortunately, jen and i got a Wii instead and have instead spent more time creating Miiis. ah well.

i loved meeting up with a bunch of the lbf guys there who i’ve never actually met in person till now. finding out how nice they all are makes me even happier to be part of such a great collective. but i see no sense in giving any sort of detailed convention report like everyone else who was there has done so much better then me. particularly dean here who created the best convention report ever. here’s a picture of me from it:


yes.  i lost.  the little twerp has super powers!!! also, jen threw a few of her own pictures on flikr if you’d like to see. anyhoo, i’ll be back there next year. thanks to all of those that stopped by!

i wish i had some sort of drawing to post, but this is really more of an “i just wanted to let you all know i did remember i have blog” kind of post. hopefully some new art later this week!


  1. bruna’s avatar

    Hey! you get to meet Dean AND BUTTERFLY???! no fair… Dean’s report is really something, huh? What Mr.Cow has to say about it? He was there too and didn’t take one lausy picture with anyone??? X)

  2. Bryan B.’s avatar

    some day, I’m gonna go to one of these dealie bobs, and you and me are gonna arm wrestle.

  3. mike’s avatar

    bruna- tell me about it! my cartoon character is so lazy.

    bryan- and you will lose! are you ready for that!??? :D

  4. marifel baez’s avatar

    i like ur style !

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