those evil step sisters! keeping poor cinderelli from going to the ball!


yup, drawergeeks topic this week was cinderella. i came up with mine rather hasty and also ran out of time to give it any exciting color. but maybe the drawing’s better for it? the inclusion of red was a last minute, late night decision too. looking at it with a fresh eye this morning, i’m not really sure how i feel it works now. but i am glad i found time to submit something! it was tough last time missing the indiana jones topic…

what am i excited about this weekend? seeing BRMC on sunday! wooo!!


  1. Keath’s avatar

    It’s a good entry – the ketchup squeeze bottles are a nice touch!

    Hmm – I did a hasty one too and my coloring totally didn’t come out as well as yours. I obviously have a defective edition of PhotoShop – I hope I saved the receipt so I can exchange it for the Captain Cow Edition with Utility Udder Toolbar :)

    Have fun at BRMC – I’m still envious I can’t make it myself but wish you a rockin’ night all the same. Looks like I’m going to have to settle for Slippery When Wet – a Bon Jovi cover band playing at EPCOT through the 17th – for my live music needs. Doh! I’m so going to have to brush up on the lyrics to Wanted Dead Or Alive online before making the trek to Orlando …

  2. Sarah!’s avatar

    I really really like this one Mike. Stephen does too. We just looked through all the drawergeeks Cinderellas.

    I also like the blue with the little bit of red. I think it works perfectly because that way you realize just how mean those stepsisters at first glance. :)


  3. Aintshakespeare’s avatar

    This is a good depiction. I like the idea of the step-sisters not being ugly. I’ve known plenty of hateful people who were pretty.

    I think the colors work well.

  4. mike’s avatar

    kieth- i saw yours! turned out good. great depiction and some solid coloring from you too. i’d like to see you start posting some more colored stuff. :)

    and brmc was brmaaaaazing! they played for almost two and half hrs non-stop. and even threw in some acoustic sets. :D make sure you catch them next go around.

    sarah- thank you! like i said, i wasn’t sure. haha- cindertastic… :D

    shakespeare- well, the truth is, i just couldn’t draw them ugly. they kept coming out more manly then anything. so i went with just some ugly personalties instead which, really, are what causes someone to appear physically ugly anyhow. there are no ugly people in this world, just ugly personalities and all that. thank you!

  5. Muffin’s avatar

    Heehe, i just love the expressions on the evil step sisters. :) I also love what you do with limited colors and the shadows. Fun scene aswell. :)

  6. Gaofeng’s avatar

    Hi, I’m a man from China. I am going to search the Internet for some photos about Cinderela with my wife who is going to bear a lovely daughter for us. And she really loves your works. She thinks that they must be drawn by a gifted person. To tell the truth, she likes them a lot. We want to see more new ones. Good luck.

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