a faerie sketch in color

yay! i did find some time to color that sketch last night!


it’s a quick coloring job, but still- better then none at all, right? okay, time to get back to important stuff…


  1. marco’s avatar

    i love your sketches and colors….very enjoyable to look at!

  2. bruna’s avatar

    AAaaaaaawwwhhhhhh!!! lovely!

  3. Aintshakespeare’s avatar

    Wow! You found “some” time last night? This would take me at least a week to color this well. And that is assuming I could do it this well, which I couldn’t. That is amazing! And very cute on top of it all. Excellent.

    Did you color it with paint and brush, or ink, or did you paint it digitally?

  4. Amanda Grazini’s avatar

    Oh yeah!

    Gimme lots of chocolate and flying faeries!!!:)

    Thanks Mike!

  5. Amanda Grazini’s avatar

    Thanks again Mike!

    I was trying to post on Flight Forums but it seems to have some kind of error when I try to log in… :(

    And Perl Jam rocks!

  6. jim bradshaw’s avatar

    I love the layout. The spirally thing she is sitting on is great. The whole illustration feels perfect. Nice job!

  7. ken’s avatar

    wow, beautiful! love it

  8. mike’s avatar

    thanks everyone!

    amanda- yeah they were down for a bit. they’re back up again!

    shakespeare- haha! i guess i’m getting quicker at coloring. ;) it’s all done in photoshop.

  9. Sarah!’s avatar

    This is wonderful Mike! Right down to the little critter on her arm and the curve of her leg and little foot. Feet are my nemesis most times. :)

  10. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Wow Mike, your painting skills continue to astound me. Love it.

  11. mike’s avatar

    sarah- thankyou. feet are hard!!! i’m always struggling on them. i think i just got lucky on this one. it’s still not the best…

    bryan- your 3d rendering skills continue to astound me! ;)

  12. Adilson Farias’s avatar

    (I am using a translator. Excuse the mistakes). Your work and simply fantastic as much the line work as his/her painting. Very good. Congratulations!

  13. mike’s avatar

    thank you very much, adilson. you have some great work on your blog as well!

  14. yolk’s avatar

    Mike, this is full of magic.

  15. Prae’s avatar

    there sooo nice!!!, tell me how u do it!!!

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