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average-ordinary-pinup.jpgone of my pals slash comic shop managers is putting out a comic of his own this year called average ordinary super-heroes. it’s about a slew of superheroes who would rather sit around playing video games or hanging out at the pub rather than the hard work it takes to go out and save the world every other evening. anyhoo, he asked if i would draw a pin-up for the back of the first issue and, seeing as how he helps compile my reading entertainment every wednesday, i saw no good reason to decline his request. he also told me to make sure some of my characters where in the pinup as well. so that’s his main character, gold eagle, swinging behind my own superhero- captain cow and his incredible grappling udders.

MUSIC! picked up the new black rebel motorcycle club album last week and it is thirteen tracks of pure awesomeness. BRMC has gone from a band that i just sorta liked to a band that i love in a relatively short amount of time. baby 81 is a wonderful listen all the way through, harking back to the familiar sound they built with their first couple of albums but at the same time adding the melodic strengths they grew on their previous record, the equally wonderful HOWL. the album also causes some strange nostalgia for what american rock-n-roll use to sound like. so how excited was i to find out they are going to be just a short drive away in orlando in june? very excited! woohoo! it’s concert time again!


  1. Keath’s avatar

    Looks great Mike!

    I didn’t know BRMC had a new album out – looks like I’ve got a (virtual) trip to make to the (online) music store! I dig all their albums but their first is still my favorite.

    I’ve got friends in town that weekend in June so I’m going to have to miss the show – otherwise I’d see you there. Let me know how it is!

  2. richard’s avatar

    Sounds like an awesome comic.. I love the pin up you made for him!

  3. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Oh man. Cow swinging into action, love it!

  4. mike’s avatar

    keith- thanks! that’s a shame that you’re going to miss brmc. i’m sure they’re be around again though. and i still have to pick up their first album. i didn’t get into them till take them on your own came out.

    richard- yeah- it’s a fun concept! i hope it does well for him. thanks!

    bryan- thanks, dude!

  5. Sarah!’s avatar

    Ha ha! Awesome! I like the simple background too.

    And yes, the new BRMC album is all kinds of good!

  6. Marcelo’s avatar

    Mike, awesome work, as always!! Love the colors and the composition is very dynamic.

    Best regards,

  7. mike’s avatar

    thanks, sarah! and i’m glad you got the new BRMC too! :)

    marcelo- :D you’re awesome.

  8. Juno888’s avatar

    I thought this cow and chicken?.. but best annimation..

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