he’s the best and what he does…

…and what he does is brew a mean earl grey.


for drawergeeks this week. topic was wolverine (obviously). this is only the second time i’ve ever drawn wolvie. the first time was a scribble on some bible study notes that i still think is the cutest wolverine i’ll ever draw. i tried to match the cuteness as best i could, but the little doodle just has so much more of a huggable quality to it. played around with a new brush in photoshop on this too. it was fun. i might use it again for when i start coloring my cow & buffalo comics this summer.


  1. Keath’s avatar

    Ha ha – this is utter and complete genius! I haven’t laughed that hard all week.

    The X belt on the Mr Fuzzles is a brilliant touch!

    I think this may be your best Drawer Geeks submission yet, and anyone who goes through the archives knows that’s saying something.

  2. Kent Culotta’s avatar

    This is great! My favorite. I just love the idea and the execution. There’s a whole story in your piece!

  3. Celeste’s avatar

    I love it. The best incarnation of Wolverine yet.

  4. alina’s avatar

    Brilliant!! Funny too!! Love it!

  5. Sarah!’s avatar

    Awesome Mike! I like the story-bookish colors too :)

  6. bruna’s avatar

    Soooo cute! The pink all around add 100% more cuteness to the scene. Lots of Hugs to Wolvie!!!! b.

  7. Deke’s avatar

    Absolutely fantastic! I’ll be spreading the WolvieTeaLove around my livejournal. :)

  8. mike’s avatar

    thank you very much everyone! i think i just look for any excuse to add pink to superhero drawings. there’s just not enough pink in superhero comics, you know?

    and thanks for spreading the WolvieTeaLove, Deke! That’s awesome of ya. :)

  9. Bryan B.’s avatar

    My favorite of the week. The background rocks, I want to see you do a whole children’s book like this.

  10. mike’s avatar

    a whole children’s book of wolverine and his amazing adventure with mr fuzzles! that would totally ROCK! i wonder if marvel would give me the rights………

  11. yolk’s avatar

    ihih charming! I love it. :)

  12. mike’s avatar

    heehee. thanks, monika!

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