princess leia organa solo

for drawergeeks this week:


so a couple of albums i’m really into right now: the new modest mouse is totally rocking my world. it took me a few listens to get used to the inclusion of the smiths’ guitarist but now that i am i can’t get enough of it. plus james mercer of the shins is all over the place on it. also, i know this came out about a year ago, but i’m really impressed with the killers last album. i enjoyed hot fuss well enough, but it was definitely an album that catered to radio friendly play- or at least resulted in it. i’m sure, because of the popularity of it, the studio probably encouraged the killers to kind of repeat what they did before. instead you can tell the killers made the kind of album they wanted to. and the multiple times the group sings together on it is great. makes me feel like i’m in a tavern or something, listening to my mates sit around and drunkingly sing their favorite pub songs. for those of you who couldn’t really get into hot fuss, i encourage you to check out sam’s town to get another sense of what the killers can sound like.


  1. bruna’s avatar

    WOW! Love how the white of her dress shines on!! All of your girls look so pretty! great art! b.

  2. Keath’s avatar

    I think my love of strong female characters today can be traced back to this very woman – great job of capturing that “I can take care of myself, spacebrain” vibe.

    I haven’t heard the new Modest Mouse album yet, but Johnny Marr is, in my opinion, one of the best guitarists in the last couple decades so I expect big things.

    If you dig his style you might also like Electronic, a project he did with New Order’s Bernard Sumner – I can particularly recommend their “Twisted Tenderness” album. It doesn’t sound anything like Modest Mouse really but it’s very good.

  3. mike’s avatar

    aw, thanks bruna!

    keath! thanks for the the recommends! i’m going to check those out. :D

  4. Andrew Glazebrook’s avatar

    Superb !! Leia is a million times cooler than Padme !!!

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