seed: part nine


this’ll likely be the last of these for a little while. i’ve got some big projects here at work to concentrate on and at home i need to focus on parable. i’ll pick these back up again though once things die down a little.


  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    Ah! I haven’t been by in so long and you’ve been posting such lovely stuff. I’m so sad that this will be the last seed for a while :) Really pretty colors.

  2. studmuffin’s avatar

    hello. this comment is not so much about this post as it just seemed to be the best place to leave a comment.

    thanks to you:
    i’ve heard of chris oatley, sarah mudslinger– i mean, mensinga and drawergeeks. and all that that has brought me is pain and agony over the fact that i stopped drawing and sketching years ago and now i look at your guy’s es stuff and get mixed emotions:

    1. why, o WHY, can’t i draw like that!?
    2. oh man, i gotta sketch something RIGHT NOW!
    3. there is no third thing.

  3. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Really nice illo Mike. Like Sarah said, the colors are rockin’.

  4. mike’s avatar

    sarah- i’ve missed you, girl! glad to see you roaming around the web again! :D

    studmuffin- it’s never too late! just pick up a pencil/pen/brush/stylus and create! i’ve always believed that everyone is an artist with each a style unique to them alone. that’s one of the best things about art is getting to know people through the things they create.

    andrew- thanks!

    bryan- also thanks!

  5. studmuffin’s avatar

    actually, funny that you say that. after stumbling onto your blog i went out and got a thick journal and have been trying to sketch something every day. (okay, every third day…)
    so far so not what i want. though creative images have started coming back into my head. been a while since a blank sheet of paper ever beget something of value… been using dg tasks to help.
    i surf through your stuff (and that fantastic list o’ links you’ve provided) fairly frequently. i might even join dg if the muse is right…

  6. Jayna’s avatar

    I love your stuff! Can’t wait to read more of SEED. Hats off to you for dedication – this stuff takes time! I think I may go grab a sketch pad right now … you motivate me!

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