drawergeeks is up! this week’s topic was titans. hydras can be considered titans right? if not, they kind of reside in the same world.


because i needed to get this one done pretty fast, i tried something a little different this time. i was inspired by dave stewart‘s amazing coloring in books like the spirit and superman confidential. mine didn’t turn out even in the same realm of coolness as his, but it was nice to try something new. i’ve probably typed this before, but that’s one of the great things about drawergeeks. besides giving me a topic of something i might not have drawn otherwise, it also gives me an excuse to try out new styles or approaches to things. they don’t always work out, but i always learn something from them.

alsoooo…. jen and i saw the flaming lips last night and i have to say that it was possibly one of the greatest concerts, if not life experiences, i have ever been too. we were at a big party with more confetti, balloons, and lasers than anything ever before. so, all of you who told me i was going to have an awesome time- you were right!


  1. Bryan B.’s avatar

    I love this piece Mike. Great palette too.

  2. Andrew Glazebrook’s avatar

    If you plant the teeth of this you can get a skeleton army ! Or atleast that’s what I seen in Jason and the Argonauts ! :) Super work !

  3. paul c.’s avatar

    I think you did great on the coloring…and I can totally see the Dave Stewart influence. Good job!

  4. mike’s avatar

    bryan- thanks!

    andrew- cool, dude!

    paul- thanks! dave stewart is a coloring hero of mine right now so his influence might start to pop up more and more.

  5. bruna’s avatar

    Beautifullly done!!! b.

  6. mike’s avatar

    thank you, bruna. :)

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