i finally inked and colored that link drawing i drew a while back. and today, it’s on the awesome video game comic site, lifemeter!


jen and i finally saved up enough money (or rather the government did for us- thank you tax returns!) to go out and buy a wii. and we were all excited to go get one this wiikend until we found out they are sold out everywhere! gah! guess we have to wait till the summer. which i guess is a good thing since i have plenty of work i should be doing instead of the hours i’d be spending in front of my tv playing twilight princess.

also, there’s a nice review of adventures in sandwich making up at digital strips this week. you can read it here.



  1. Amanda Grazini’s avatar

    My boyfriend is playing Twilight Princess while Im still playing the Wind Waker …so cuuute!!

  2. mike’s avatar

    windwaker was so much fun! i love that animated link look they used. incredibly cool.

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