mary marvel

so DC is in the process of “sexing” up all of it’s female characters it seems. they’ve done it to supergirl and now they’re doing it to mary marvel as well. (for those who don’t know who mary marvel is, she’s billy (captain marvel) batson’s sister who shares his powers granted him from the wizard shazam). mary’s one of the last wholesome mainstream comic heroines out there but times- they are a’changin i guess. and i drew this last week in remembrance of a more classic time…

marymarvel.jpg  marymarvel-color.jpg

also, three bands i’m really into right now: deas vail, the arcade fire, and silversun pickups.


  1. allie’s avatar

    did you get deas vail’s new cd? it’s awesome. you do know they are our friends…riiiiiight? i loved your mary marvel :)
    miss u

  2. mike’s avatar

    yes! i got it he day it came out! that’s what i’ve been listening to non stop for the past three weeks. tell them to come down to tampa, will ya?

    and thanks! miss you guys too. hopefully we’ll be able to meet up in june. :)

  3. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Great take on this character. I’m surprised I didn’t see Born Again Chickens on your music list. I sent you that right?

  4. mike’s avatar

    thanks andrew!

    bryan- HAH! i guess i totally forgot. um, yeah……

  5. Oz’s avatar

    Have you heard that Mike Kunkel is going to be drawing the new DC series of Shazam?? Thought I’d mention it since you’re a fan of Mike…’s and the Marvel Family…

  6. mike’s avatar

    no i hadn’t, oz! awesome! i’m really out of the loop, so thanks!

  7. Josh’s avatar

    Mary Marvel ROCKS MY WORLD!!! Woo hoo! SHAZAM!!!

  8. The Pink Peril’s avatar

    Your illustration of Mary is absolutely beautiful. It really captures the true spirit of her. If I could ever get a sketch of her it’d be like this.

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