the reason i’ve been so absent from this blog- and pretty much the internet as a whole- is that i’ve been hard at work on my story for parable for the past three weeks. well, last night i finished it! here’s a sneak peak at the first page:


unfortunately, things don’t wind down for me just yet. there’s still a lot of work to do for this anthology so the blog updates may continue to be somewhat scarce.

in other news, you may or may not have noticed that my website got a bit of a re-design last week. finally got around to creating a links page and some banners, rewriting my bio, and moving some illustrations to the front page.

and for the sake of contrast, here is my drawergeeks contribution for last friday. the subject was sandman- spiderman’s sandman. i wasn’t going to do anything this week because of how busy i’ve been, but one of my coworkers expects me to draw something for dg every other friday and proceeded to tell me so when i came walking into work the day before. so i quickly drew this on a post-it note while my computer was booting up thursday morning.



  1. paul c.’s avatar


  2. paul c.’s avatar

    er…I really like that…and I’m talkin bout the Parable piece.
    I’ve been noticing hints and glimmers of another side of you outside of your Cow and Buffalo work….and I knew it was gonna be good.
    Can’t wait to see the rest.

  3. bruna’s avatar

    YAY! Today was the day! Updates, parable seak peek, awesome sandman post it, new cow&buf strip, new site, bio and links.
    And… there’s more! I just caught my name on the links page!!! You just make my day today! Now, if you excuse me, I’ll jump around a bit here, and get back to work (because deadlines that are reeeeally a ‘beach’. Sorry, couldn’t resist. it is a funny post it :)

  4. Amanda Grazini’s avatar

    Hi Mike!

    Thanks for the kind words!

    I’m a big fan of your work as well!


  5. MarcoBucci’s avatar

    Now that’s a cool page. I like the wide compositions.

  6. Sarah!’s avatar

    Yay for finishing Parable! I also liked your post-it contribution to DG and forgot to tell you :)

    Sweet site updates too!

  7. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Post its rule! I do all my sketching and doodling on post its. Ohhh, that sweet smooth yellow surface, and so detachable.

    You’re Parable work rules too.

  8. Alina’s avatar

    WOW!! beautiful comic page, and the post it doodle is so cute!

  9. Marcelo Di Chiara’s avatar


    Beautiful page, the composition, the colors…everything is perfect. Your work is outstanding.

  10. mike’s avatar

    thanks everyone! i’m really excited for parable. it’s going to be an awesome book. i can’t wait to start showing sneak peaks of the work the other contributors have been doing. it looks so great!

    all very nice comments here from all very amazing artists too. i feel very humbled.

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