yoshimi battles the pink robots

thanks to our drawergeeks topic this week, robots, i had an excuse to illustrate one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands- the flaming lips.


i’m really excited because jen and i have been waiting years for the flaming lips to bring their awesomeness down here to florida and they are finally going to be here in april. yup. we already have tickets. :)


  1. Bryan B.’s avatar

    No fair, no fair, no fair. Well, at least I got to see Night Ranger back in ’86. Great illo, one of my favorites of the week.

  2. Tony C.’s avatar

    Great image!

    I saw the Lips open and back Beck on his Sea Change tour, and it is probably my favorite concert ever. Prepare yourself for greatness!

  3. jim bradshaw’s avatar

    This composition is powerful. I love the cleaness and design and lighting. Just awesome Mike!

  4. Chris Oatley’s avatar

    I saw this on drawergeeks and loved it! Good work, Dude!

  5. OSI’s avatar

    very cool illo! diggin the choice of composition and colors. nicely done.

  6. Marcelo’s avatar

    Awesome illustration, Mike.
    Beautiful color palete and very cool robots!


  7. Sarah!’s avatar

    This is great. I always really like your inking, it’s very confident. There is a weird version of this song on one of the friends DVD’s with the name Phoebe in it instead. So confused!

    Hope you guys have fun at the concert :)

  8. Alina’s avatar

    AWESOME page, love the creature!!

  9. Bryan B.’s avatar

    did you see this? http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20015535,00.html

  10. mike’s avatar

    thanks so much everyone! concert is only three weeks away!!!

    bryan- i see it now. super cool. i don’t think i can wait as long as it’s going to take to make though. :)

  11. ecrams’s avatar

    Amazing Illustration Mike!…I posted this to my facebook profile.. :b I hope you dont mind…

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