a little live interview

once upon a time, during the last waking hours of the orlando megacon a couple weeks back, a tired and brain dead me decided to do a little live interview. if you’re interested to hear what i sound like when i’m trying to describe an indescribable comic strip and in need of a long nap, click on over to the gigcast! they also talk a little bit about lunchbox funnies after all the important “me” stuff.

my idiocy aside, they do say some really nice things about cow & buffalo after the interview. a little too nice maybe. don bluth?! i wish! but still, some nice things.

here’s a direct link to the mp3.

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  1. bruna’s avatar

    Hey! that’s how doodle-Mike sounds!!! cool. Now I have a complete picture in my head. And Hurray for Cow and Buffalo! They rock! b.

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