seed: part seven

07.jpgi’m hard at work on my comic for parable this month, so i’m not sure how much other work i’ll have to update this blog with for a while. i’m going to try and hammer out these little seed panels when i can though cause well, they’re fun. so i hope you’re enjoying them. if not, well.. i’ll try to sprinkle in some other stuff here and there when i can. :)


  1. jim bradshaw’s avatar

    These are great. I feel the need for seed. :0)

  2. Sarah!’s avatar

    And pretty seed stuff again! Very nice Mike!

  3. Alina’s avatar

    wonderful design of the fairy world!!

  4. mike’s avatar

    jim- thanks! i like that. feel the need for seed…….

    sarah- :)

    alina- thank you! i checked out your blog. very beautiful stuff.

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