seed: part six


speaking of pixies, remember that x-men character, piXie, i made up last year? (see a few of the sketches, here, here, here and here). i just discovered that she’s going to be an actual real x-men character. not my piXie mind you, but the similarities are quite striking. she even has the same black eyes! i guess me and marvel have similar (or in this case, THE EXACT SAME) ideas.

oh wait… i just found out she made her first appearance way back in june of 2005. so uh… my bad. they got it first. ;)

great character! i’ll be buying that issue! ha ha! oy…


  1. matt’s avatar

    hey mike, really nice composition with the using of trees in the foreground.

  2. Sarah!’s avatar

    Love the new Seed panel! Very pretty.

    And that is so crazy about Pixie! How strange. I secretly still really like your designs though :)

  3. Amanda Grazini’s avatar

    That’s just lovely!

  4. Toma’s avatar

    Hey, Mike! Wonderful works here!
    Thanks for the visit my blog!
    see ya!

  5. mike’s avatar

    thank you everyone! :)

  6. jim bradshaw’s avatar

    Your stuff is great Mike. I love your environment for this one.

  7. mike’s avatar

    thanks, jim!

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