this is for the supergirl meme going on right now. not that i really need an excuse to draw supergirl.

supergirl01.jpg  supergirl01-color.jpg

this weekend, the 16th-18th, i’ll be in orlando at the megacon convention sharing a table with good friend and fellow cloud tower member matt yokom. cow & buffalo books will be in hand, as well as some other goodies, and i’ll be promoting various other things while i’m there. if you happen to be there, look for us at table yellow-8 or just look for the cloud tower banner and cow & buffalo sign. hope to see you there!



  1. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Love this supergirl, rockin’. Man, I wish I could go to the megacon. :(

  2. Tony C.’s avatar

    This is my favorite piece I have seen you do. The cartooniness works very well with the classic costume and subdued colors. Top Notch!

  3. Craig M.’s avatar

    I just stumbled across and accidentally fell in love with your blog. Would you be terribly bothered if I added you to my favorite blogs list? Great characters, narrative, and color.

  4. Sarah!’s avatar

    Best wishes with the Megacon! Supergirl is also my favorite superhero ever (except for…THE ATOM!). This is a great drawing of her!

  5. mike’s avatar

    bryan- me too!

    tony- thank you! that’s means alot.

    craig- aw! that’s so nice to here. not at all! you have some really nice work yourself.

    sarah- the atom? really? i want to see YOUR supergirl!

  6. Marcelo’s avatar

    Hi Mike,

    Love this Supergirl. The pencil version is great, but the colored is just brilliant!!


  7. Kelsey K.’s avatar

    Wow Mike!!,
    That pic is so awesome! i can only draw an anime supergirl!

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