it’s here!!


i published a book! and it’s awesome! here’s my press release:

Cow and Buffalo’s first book is here! Adventures in Sandwich Making collects the entire time traveling story-arc from September 2005 to August 2006. It also includes two all new strips created just for this publication, a special “facts about cows” by Buffalo, and a giant guest gallery with art by (you ready?) Ryan Spencer, Sarah Mensinga, Derrick Fish, Jerry Shamblin, Bryan Ballinger, Michael Foster, Mike Laughead, Pascal Campion, Josh Alves, Joe Fenton, Tor Harald Blom, Sally Thompson, Trade Loeffler, and Joey Weiser.

It is now on sale at Cow & Buffalo’s new store and available for only $10 (shipping included!).




  1. jim bradshaw’s avatar

    Congrats bro. Very very nice! I love the cover very mucho. You can bet I will be adding this to my collection.

  2. Tony C.’s avatar

    This looks great! I love the cover.

  3. Cristina Irizarry Santiago’s avatar

    I think I might get one! It looks awesome!!!

  4. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Mike, this is awesome! I know some folks who will be getting this as a gift for upcoming birthdays, etc. :) Way cool!

  5. matt’s avatar

    nice looking books, so professional! i’m sure they look even better in person. they’ll sell like pancakes at ihop!

  6. ali’s avatar

    that is SOOOOOO exciting!!! i can’t wait to get one!! ;) awesome awesome awesome

  7. mike’s avatar

    thank you so much everyone! the books look great and i’m very excited about them. :)

  8. Jeff’s avatar

    Hey that’s awesome! Post something on SFG to advertise your new book!!!

  9. jimbo’s avatar

    this looks awesome – congratulations!

  10. yolk’s avatar

    wooo… ęłęócongratulations! looks amazingly!

  11. yolk’s avatar

    wooo… congratulations! looks amazingly!

  12. Manuela’s avatar


    I like a lot your style Expecially I love your sketches!

    And I like a lot the cover of your book! :D


  13. Paige’s avatar

    Hey love the comic!!! Yeah well my brother and I (brother is 15 im 10) like to draw too. I think your REALLY good!!!

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