my hourly comic!

i did it! twenty pages in seventeen hours. this was also my first foray into doing a journal comic. pretty fun! and a good challenge. jen, being the cool wife that she is, also decide to do one yesterday. it might be fun to compare hers with mine since we cross paths throughout the day. anyhoo, here’s my first hour yesterday. click on the “more” tag (or for my live journal readers, the “cut” tag) to read my whole day.


  1. tomsaville’s avatar

    Great comic! Enjoyed it from start to finish!!! lets see more!

  2. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Mike, this is one of the coolest things ever! Wow! I think you need to do one of these every day. Loved it! And it was hilarious! Rock on, you’re my hero.

  3. bruna’s avatar

    All the pages are so funny! One of this every day is a little to much to ask, but how about one every month?! It would be awesome. Doodle Mike and Doodle Jen are the best couple ever! I’m still lauging about the 10:25 hour of the last page! Great writing, great comic! p.s. loved the sporks for hands on yours, and the tinkle,tinkle of Jen’s.
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! It meant a lot to me! Bruna.

  4. Sarah!’s avatar

    Awesome Mike and halarious! I have to go read Jen’s now . I’m so impressed you got all that done. (And yay BRMC!)

  5. paul c.’s avatar


    man, I think I’ve got a new hero now.
    Dude you are awesome. Can I be your friend?

  6. Andrew’s avatar

    Hahaha! That was great Mike. Could of used a little more of me in it… but overall great! LOL! I am only 6′ 3″. Oh, and the best, “I don’t want to have to draw sex into my comic!” – Priceless. Keep up the good work!

  7. Muffin’s avatar

    I .. LOVE IT.
    O m g.
    Mike – do this again! :P It’s like reality show, haha – im already adicted. I wanna see more. I love the simple style and the comments and stuff. Awesome job, – i am very very much impressed. Maybe I should try this myself one day.

  8. mike’s avatar

    ha ha! thank you so much guys! :D

    this was quite the sequential workout on thursday, so i’m not sure how willing i am to do it again anytime soon. but maybe i can do some smaller journal comics every now and then? we’ll see…

    tom- thanks!

    bryan- if i did one of these everyday it would just be about doing one of these everyday! ;)

    bruna- you’re welcome! you have nice work.

    sarah- a brmc fan too? awesome!

    paul- sure. :)

    andrew- only 6’3″?! that’s almost a foot taller then me you long necked freak!

    muffin- yes! you should!! yours would be much better then this one guaranteed.

  9. Jerrek’s avatar

    I love it! especially at 9:31-9:32. Classic.

    Keep up the great work!

  10. Squish’s avatar

    This is lovely mike. Also, we should chat online sometime… I’ve missed ya!

  11. Lisa’s avatar

    I loved it. I’m so glad I found your site. You make me want to draw again – haven’t in a while. I laughed out loud many times and will check back often. Thanks for sharing!

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