hourly comic day!

so dean “how on earth does he keep up with everything” trippe let me know of this thing called hourly comic day that takes place tomorrow. pretty much, you draw a little journal comic every hour you are awake and compile them together the next day to show people how your day went in super quick sketchbook form. not one to shy away from a challenge (at least on thursdays), i’m going to try my hand at this. this is my “quick” test comic that i drew today.

yeah. i’m freaking out.


  1. bruna’s avatar

    Hi Mike! Here’s Bruna from Brazil. I’m just writing to say I’m a big admirer of your fantastic work. I check your blog every day, but just got the courage to write now… Thanks for posting so many of your great artworks. It’s a inspiration to see your arts and a joy to read your texts! Keep up the amazing work!!! see ya! b.

  2. mike’s avatar

    wow! thanks bruna. what a nice comment to read. :)

    don’t feel scared to write. you have some AWESOME work!

  3. jim bradshaw’s avatar

    Wow, this looks like a blast. I love the motivational alarm clock.

  4. jim bradshaw’s avatar

    ooops! This was meant for the post above this one.

  5. mike’s avatar

    thanks, jim! it was!

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