drawergeeks subject this week was cavemen. and it’s been raining a lot here.


on a music note, congrats to the shins for crafting the first great album of 2007.


  1. Bryan B.’s avatar

    This is great Mike. Really like the colors here. I hope it’s not one of those month long Seattle type rains going on there.

  2. jshamblin’s avatar

    Hahaha! I got a good laugh from that.

    It also makes great a hat. :)

  3. jim bradshaw’s avatar

    Great job Mike. I love your cartoons.

  4. Tony C.’s avatar

    Really solid sense of weight here, and a good laugh! Nice work.

  5. Sarah!’s avatar

    This is really nice Mike! I also love the weight you have going on here :)

  6. paul c.’s avatar

    Love it…great layout, contrast, etc…great rain too.
    This’d make a swell cover!

  7. mike’s avatar

    thank you very much everyone! the rain has stopped here in sunny tampa florida. now it’s just cold. no really. in the 50’s. ;)

  8. Marco’s avatar

    Nice one! Colour works well with it.

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