comicspace and lions

hey! i joined comicspace. it’s like myspace, only for comic people. it’s actually better because you don’t have to worry about some stranger asking you to visit their myspace page for a fun time or sending you an event invitation to come to their 16th birthday party twenty states away. anyhoo, seems pretty cool. if you create or are into any sort of comics, click over and say hi!

also, remember that lion character i drew for work a couple months back? i drew some more.





you might have see some of these before. a couple of them are just colored versions of some already posted drawings. he’s a fun character to draw, and my higher-ups love em. so he’ll be back. :)


  1. Cristina Irizarry Santiago’s avatar

    He`s definatly a loveable lion…makes me want to pet him :)

  2. Morin’s avatar

    Great design ! I love it !

  3. mike’s avatar

    thank you very much, cristina and morin!

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