snow white

my super lame, and super quick submission to drawergeeks this week:


i’ve been so busy (and ill) these past couple of weeks (which you’ve probably noticed with the lack of posting) that i didn’t think i was going to have time to submit something this week. and snow white is such a cool subject that this was kind of upsetting (plus we got the assignment like a month ago). behold! i reached deep inside my box of lame, use only in case of emergency ideas of my brain and pulled out this ridiculous concept. at least i won’t feel left out. but i’ll definetly have to make up for it next time.

going on that mini-vacation (aka: a stressful few days away from home) i mentioned earlier. i’ll be back sometime mid next-week.

(oh yeah! cow & buffalo gets a new website this week.  as well as something very cool happening monday.  it’ll be old news by the time i get back but i’ll mention it when i do anyhow.  bye!)


  1. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Ha, I didn’t think this was lame at all. Very funny concept. Plus, both your Snow White and mine look like they’re both going to hurl. What does it mean? :)

  2. Edde Wagner’s avatar

    Wow. Great idea! And the art is marvelous.

  3. mike’s avatar

    bryan- we both don’t like apples? actually, that’s not true. i love apples. especially with caramel on them. i loved the guitar in yours!

    edde- aw. thanks edde! you aren’t to shabby yourself!

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