wheeee! i’m back! maaaan, what an awesome vacation. jen took something like 560 pictures while we vacationed at disney and at our friends’ wedding (disney wedding = best wedding ever!), so she might have some stuff up on flikr soon. i’ll let you know.

i was spending more time playing video games, spending time with old friends, enjoying park attractions and napping in hammocks then i was taking pictures but i did end up drawing some robots. i drew about one of these silly things a day while at the resort.


eventually i got bored of this and wondered what cow and buffalo would look like as robots…


now i have lotssss of catching up to do. it’s good to be back, but maaan, vacation is nice. it’s a good thing i have another little mini one to go to in a couple of weeks!



  1. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Mike, I have to say, your robots rock my world! All of them!

  2. Sarah!’s avatar

    Yay robots galore! Glad to hear you guys had a fun vacation :) (Hmm… maybe there could be a cowbot and buffalabot spin-off?)

  3. Jeremy’s avatar

    Nice! And wow… you were in Orlando.
    I don’t think I even realized that you lived in Tampa.
    Shows how much I pay attention.

    Love the bots.
    One day we may have to get coffee or something.


  4. Marco Bucci’s avatar

    Fun drawings! Looks like machinery with lots of character.

  5. mike’s avatar

    bryan- thanks! i’m sure there’s more to come, someday…

    sarah- whoa. great idea.

    jeremy- i had to get off the coffee a couple years ago. but we should meet up someday, maybe over lemonade. :)

    marco- thank you very much!

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