dairy christmas!!


i hope everyone has a wonderful christmas (or hanakah or kwanza or winter solstice or just a nice end of the year week….)! this’ll be my last post until the new year. i’ll be celebrating christmas and having fun at disney next week and celebrating the end of 2006 as part of two of my very good friends’ wedding (still at disney!). and i have so many fun things to announce the month i get back!!!

in retrospect, it’s been a very great year. one of my best. :) i’ll retrospect more though when it’s completely over.

oh! and happy birthday, Jesus!



  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    Merry Christmas Mike! I hope you guys have a great holiday. Disney + Christmas = far too much fun.

    Love the drawing too :)

  2. Muffin’s avatar

    Hah, nice! poor birdie. ;P I love the decorated trees and I loove the … uhm.. (i dont know the english word for it).. “cow breast” (udder?). Haha – your style is so nice, Mike. :)

  3. matt’s avatar

    hey mike, dairy christmas! the meecka ornament is great…cant wait for the new c&b after the holidays…i think this is THE year for c&b!

  4. Cristina Irizarry Santiago’s avatar

    Just wanted to let yopu know that I love your stuff. I have a blog about art, I added you to my blog roll. Just thought I would let you know. Happy New Year!!

  5. mike’s avatar

    thanks everyone!

    sarah- i did! and it was! i hope yours was as well. in fact, time for me to go check on what you’ve been up too…

    muffin- ha ha!! cow breast! i love it. makes my male cow even more disturbing. yes though. “udder” is correct. ;)

    matt- we shall see! there’s certainly enough going on with them this year.

    christina- thank you very much! i really appreciate that. :D

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