me.jpgspacer.gifthis is possibly for a couple sites going live next year. never really had any reason to draw something like this before. i’ve always been content just representing myself as a cow. plus, i’m a really ordinary looking person. it’s very hard to draw an interesting looking picture of myself. i might just go with a photo, but then where’s the fun in that?


  1. heidi yokom’s avatar

    very nice, it looks just like you, although you somewhat resemble a cow! :)
    cant wait to see you in jan. -heidi#7

  2. Sarah!’s avatar

    Very nice! I like how this really maintains your strong style of drawing, while still being a portrait. I find it hard drawing myself for the same reasons :)

  3. ali’s avatar

    you . . . look . . . awesome! what a nice face ;)

  4. mike’s avatar

    thank you, ladies! :D i was thinking maybe i should’ve put a cow print behind me instead of the weird texturey thing going on.

  5. Muffin’s avatar

    Nice flea ladder. (;
    I agree about the cow print in the back. You will always be a cow to me. :P

  6. mike’s avatar

    ha! i exaggerated a bit on those sideburns, but they have been know to get out of hand! thanks, muffin!

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