presents are falling!

make sure you walk underneath a fluttering santa this Christmas!



  1. JoshuaTheJames’s avatar


    I love the Reeper AND the Harry Potter one! Heh. I love that book series!


  2. Bryan B.’s avatar

    This is so great Mike. Man, should I even do one this week…

    Very cool and rich.

  3. Sarah!’s avatar

    Ha ha! Awesome drawing! I love the colours too :)

    I like catching up on your last post too… can’t wait to see more. Hope Parable is going well! I owe you an e-mail!

  4. mike’s avatar

    joshua- thanks! i’ve yet to read the books- i keep waiting for the movies! i really need to though…

    bryan- YES! YOU SHOULD!!!!

    sarah- thank you! i’m glad you’re back! :D my lack of posting as of late is mainly because of parable.

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