seed: part one

i don’t always get an assignment at work that involves drawing, so i started a little exercise that should be a fun start to each new work day. every day or so, at least when i get a chance, i’ve decided to draw a panel or two of a brand new seed comic- in color! this is just for fun and there’s not going to be a great deal of thought put into it, but the plan is to one: give me something to continually draw at my day job, two: practice my coloring (something i really need to work on), three: have something pretty to post on this here blog and four: finally give all of you who have been asking a new seed story (finally!). these’ll be rough little things, but at least it’s somthing, right? i’ll place these panels in their own category too for easy viewing.

now a quick explanation. this is not a direct continuation of my previous seed chapters. those ended because i no longer had the time to focus on them and, even more truthfully, when the first pirates of the carribean movie came out it pretty much did a lot of what i wanted to do with pirates. kinda like i can never write a zombie tale after seeing shaun of the dead. i still want to finish those chapters one day because i already wrote most of the story in my head and i think it’s a pretty good one, but there is plenty of pirate stuff out there right now that people are doing much better then i can so i’d rather just read their stuff instead for now.

but- i do know these characters. and i know where they end up. which is why i choose to use seed for this excercise. this stream of conciousness tale pretty much falls somewhere between the first story arc and the next. i don’t have any plan for this story. i’m just going to make it up as i go along and draw whatever i feel like drawing for it each day. it should be fun for all of us to see where and how long this eventually goes. :)

also- i realized how much i love nafae and paxhia. drawing them again was like a reunion with two old friends that i abandoned on a coffee table a long time ago. i know they are drawn a bit differently now then how there were before, but this is how i see them now. and also, some time has passed.

okay, that’s it. time for me to get back to work.

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