i can’t always post what i’m doing at work because of copyright reasons and what-not, but this is more for fun. the university i work at has a lion in thier logo. i thought i’d work on creating a character for them…




  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    Really cool! He looks like a kindly sort of lion :) I like seeing your faint sketches around the coloured lion as well.

  2. Marco Bucci’s avatar

    hahah, funny sketches. I love the glasses.

  3. Bryan’s avatar

    I like these a lot. Especially the blue sketch one.

    Okay, now what are you using for your popup bigger images? That’s not still the lightbox plugin is it?

  4. mike’s avatar

    thank you everyone! my work seems to like him so you’ll probbably see more of him in here again.

    and bryan, yes- that is still lightbox. an early version of it that i still like better then the newer ones because it’s quicker.

  5. todd’s avatar

    oh, the constraints of copyrights. aughhh. great post, i really like this a lot. I can’t wait for more. your coloring is exceptional.

  6. mike’s avatar

    thanks, todd! that means a lot coming from you!

  7. jonny’s avatar

    the thing is big

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