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this week’s drawer geeks was pretty fun. we had to take a child’s drawing of a monster and attempt to re-illustrate it to look like well… a monster. the tricky part of this was to maintain the consistency of the original drawing as much as possible.


the drawing i based mine off of was done by the extremely talented hailey rose smith. she actually drew me fifteen completely orginal ideas that i had to choose from! she’s bound for artistic stardom.

this concept is originated by the amazing dave devries, where you can see him doing a far better job of this then i ever could over at his monster engine site.


  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    This is so wonderful Mike. You did a great job of interpreting Miss Smith’s art! I love the colours too.

  2. Scott’s avatar

    I just found your comic Cow & Buffalo and just had to write….you rock!!! I love your strip…can’t wait to see more of your stuff.


  3. mike’s avatar

    thanks, sarah!

    thanks scott! so glad you found cow & buffalo and enjoy it! i enjoy drawing it. :)

  4. Heath’s avatar

    Hey Mike! I just found your Buffalog too. Really great work!!

  5. mike’s avatar

    thanks, heath! and thanks to you, i found your blog as well! i love it!

  6. Jeroen’s avatar

    Wow, that’s such a great idea. If only monsters Inc. came up with the idea of having children to design first!
    Very cute stuff.


  7. Josh’s avatar

    Awesome pic Mike! Awesome idea too!

  8. mike’s avatar

    thanks, jeroen and josh! you guys should try it sometime. tis fun!

  9. todd’s avatar

    Hey great job on the rendition of the monster. Your blog is really cool. Nice post here.

  10. Marco Bucci’s avatar

    Great work on this! Creative solution to the drawing.

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