batgirl color test

decided to add to the new batgirl meme going on right now. i don’t think this color test came out as nice as the last one. which is funny because i spent more time on it. or maybe that was the problem. regardless, i should have just inked this one. ah well.

batgirl02.jpg batgirl02-color-th.jpg

if you’re curious, you can check out the one i did last year. i pretty much drew the same batgirl. you can also see what this one looks like on a white background instead of the cream (i couldn’t decide which i liked better). there’s all sorts of fun stuff to click on today. :)



  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    She’s totally cute! I’d love to see a whole comic of her :) Yay Barbara Gorden!

  2. mike’s avatar

    YAY! thanks, sarah!

  3. Sabrina Eras’s avatar

    I love the way you use the colors :D

  4. mike’s avatar

    thanks, sabrina!

  5. Bryan B.’s avatar

    This is fabulous Mike. I really like the colors too.

  6. mike’s avatar

    thanks, bryan!

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