color test

i drew this little character a couple nights ago and while scanning him in last night i was inspired by sarah and some other people to to give him some color.

character01.jpg   character01-color-th.jpg

i was trying something new for me, which is painting underneath my sketch in photoshop and messing with layer properties and what not instead of inking it first and blocking in shapes. i didn’t spend much time on it either, about an hour, so my color choices were very quickly pulled (generally i mess with things forever until i’m tiredly satisfied). anyhoo, i think it’s obvious that i have no idea what i’m doing with this technique so any tips or tricks that people have are appreciated.


  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    I like this! I find that’s a nice easy way to colour things too :)

  2. mike’s avatar

    how exactly do you color your stuff? because i think your stuff looks amazing. please tell me you don’t use photoshop…

  3. bryan B.’s avatar

    I like this guy a lot Mike. I wonder what he’d look like with some cleaner lines above the color. I do a lot of painting underneath line work, but my painting tends to be kind of flooby and uncontrolled (unlike Sarah’s wonderful work). Sometimes it’s fun to paint color under the lines, and then paint on a layer OVER the lines.

    Now I’m waiting for Sarah’s answer too. :)


  4. Sarah!’s avatar

    That’s so funny, because colouring to me feels like the most difficult thing. I’m glad you guys like what I’ve been doing lately. I still feel like things that turn out are done mostly by accident. I generally use painter for the bulk of the colouring and just paint strait ahead… like it were really oils on canvas and then pop it back into photoshop, desaturate it a little and pull the overall colour adjust slightly one way or another and tweak other stuff until I like it.

    Sometimes, I also colour sketched lines in photoshop first, then paint underneath in painter too :)

  5. Joe Potato’s avatar

    I like it, Mike! It’s got more of a storyboard/character concept feel to it. Reminds me of the Sisters of Bellevue.

  6. Kent Culotta’s avatar

    I really like this guy, Mike. He’s a great character. The way you did the hat just tickles me. I’d love to see him in a movie.

  7. mike’s avatar

    thanks so much guys! it’s nice to see this guy is appreciated, considering how quickly he was conceived.

    bryan- yeah, i’m thinking of taking the same approach to this and then laying an inked drawing on top. that’s a lot of time dedicated to a simple sketch though, so maybe when i have a more important reason to. like drawer geeks!

    sarah- you are modest and awesome. :D

    joe- i STILL need to see that movie. is it any good?

    kent- the burton influence is so prominent that i think i’d just give the character to him so he can use him if he wants to. :)

    thanks again!

  8. Blair’s avatar

    Wow! Your stuff is really good! I was just looking up a harry potter picture for school, and your website looked really neat. Awesome job!

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