i’ve got another quill story in my head. it’s been over a year since i drew her though. here’s me trying to remember how again.

quill02.jpg   quill01.jpg


  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    I think this character is so cute and appealing, I hope you draw more comics with her :)

  2. bryan B.’s avatar

    She is fantastic. I love that cat too, very cool design.

  3. mike’s avatar

    thanks guys! i’m glad you like her. she’s fun to draw.

    sarah- i will be! starting next year for cloud tower.

    bryan- the cat is based on my own cat, ash, back when he was smaller, more curious, and less lazy. :)

  4. Steve Ogden’s avatar

    Yeah, this is a great character. Don’t scream, but I actually like your current incarnation better than the one you did last year. I think your skills have improved greatly in just one year.

    Imagine where you’ll be next year. (*Shudders*)

    Later, gator.


  5. mike’s avatar

    thanks, steve! i like my current ones btter too. the first one i drew from memory and when i went back to see how she should be drawn i was surprised how much she wasn’t how i saw her in my head anymore. even the cat’s different…

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