don’t fear the reaper

seriously. mine is way too sad and lonely to be afraid of. how would you like it if everything you touched withered and died? actually, i guess that is a good reason to be afraid.

reaper02.jpg   reaper01.jpg

anyhoo, this was for drawergeeks this week. i was planning on doing something more substantial this week. even considered dusting off ye ol’ watercolors. but alas, too much work, not enough geeky fun time.


  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    I really like these :) I love how he looks so forlorn and that’s he’s all whispy.

  2. Matt baker’s avatar

    Hi, just stumbled across your page here while checking out the Parable site, and thought I would mention that I really like your style, and especially the way you colour your stuff.

  3. mike’s avatar

    thanks sarah! i kinda like him too. i might actually do more with this guy one day!

    hey matt! thanks for visiting. and thanks for the compliments too! hopefully i’ll be able to get some more color work on here soon.

  4. Steve Ogden’s avatar

    Hey, Mike

    Just followed you over here from the Flight forum. I love this Reaper. And I think you’ve stumbled upon an ingenious idea for a strip, or even an animated film: “How would you feel if everything you touched shriveled up and died?”

    Can you imagine a depressed Reaper who doesn’t want to do it anymore? “Vacation for the Reaper” or something? Now imagine he has a boss… cue the hilarity.

    Anyway, nice work, and keep it up.



  5. mike’s avatar

    hey steve! thanks for coming over!

    yeah, for a super quick idea, i kinda like this little guy too. i’d like to eventually get back and do some more with him some day. or maybe i’ll just throw him in as another character in cow & buffalo!


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