umbrellas and guns

here’s some quick sketching from ooooo… last month. just got a chance to scan some stuff in.




  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    Very nice! I really like the top and bottom left ones particularly. I so like umbrellas in general. For Stephen and my wedding we were trying to snag some big white golf-size umbrellas for everyone as favors, it just ended up being too pricey. Thought it would look so cool in pictures though…

  2. mike’s avatar

    thank you! i love umbrellas. i think they are just so cool for so many reasons. i hate guns though, but the poses are fun to draw.

    we wanted to get those his and her pez dispensers for us. also too pricey.

  3. Sarah!’s avatar

    Oh neat, Pez is such a cool idea though! We ended up forgetting to even hand out favors out until most people had left, so we still have a whole basket of them in a closet. Oops.

  4. bryan B.’s avatar

    Really great sketches Mike. I especially love the sketch in the upper right of the first one. Very cool.

    We had little Fisher Price bride and grooms at our wedding, on the cake! :)

  5. mike’s avatar

    thanks bryan! fisher price guys? awesome!

    i sculpted some meeckas to put on ours. they’re still sitting in a nook above our kitchen!

  6. bernard’s avatar

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