pirate and alien guest strip

p&a-guest_th.gifspacer.gifthere was a time last month when i wasn’t quite as busy as i am now. because of that i was able draw a guest strip for one of my favorite web comics, pirate and alien. tyson smith’s celebrating his first month with his first child so october is officially guest month over there. my silly strip went up today. check it out!


  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    Funny! You know, I never knew about this Pirate/Alien comic, I’ll have to check it out more regularly.

  2. mike’s avatar

    thanks sarah. it’s a funny strip. i mean it was genious from the get go. a pirate and an alien. how could it go wrong? through a ninja in there and it’d be eisner ready!

  3. bryan B.’s avatar

    And a Jedi, that would make it cooler too. And a robot. Oh, and dinosaurs are cool too.

    Great comic Mike!

  4. mike’s avatar

    yes yes! all those things too! they’d make a new category at the oscars if it had all those things!

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