hermione in love

drawer geeks is up! this week’s subject was harry potter. now me, i love harry potter but i’ve only seen the movies. jen, however, reads the books and gets so frustrated that she can’t tell me stuff that’s going to happen (i don’t want to spoil the movies). so being the much more knowledgeable harry potter fan then me, i asked her what might make a good drawing and she more or less came up with what you see here.

from the movie it seems to me that hermione likes harry. but i agree with her. i think her and ron will end up together by the end.

she didn’t like how i added a heart at the end of harry’s wand. i know it’s not in his personality but i thought it gave the piece more of a story. you can interpreted it however you like.


  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    Jen gave you some good guidance I think :) Stephen hasn’t read book six yet… or wait, I think he’s halfway through. But still! It drives me crazy because I want to talk about stuff and I have to wait.

  2. mike’s avatar

    i hope so, otherwise this drawing is gonna look pretty stuipid…

  3. lbfan’s avatar

    You definately got the gist with your drawing. You definately captured the untapped emotions.

  4. mike’s avatar

    thanks, ibfan. :)

  5. §OME1’s avatar

    If you ask me I think harry and hermione should be together im not going against what other people say so plz dont get mad at me im just saying what i beleve just like everyone else on this website. ^_^ your sincerly §OME1 by the way im only 11 so go easy on me.

  6. luz marie’s avatar

    i think in book five i think. thst hermione is jelse of ginny and harry so i do think she dose like him i would love to see harry and herminoe to gether but we have to wait.

  7. HARRY POTTER FREAK!  (tasha)’s avatar

    omg, i love ur pic. i read all the books and this is what i beleve there relationship is coming to. (p.s.- the heart at the end of harrys wand maked the pic. even cooler!) lol keep on drawing!

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    thanks for the comments everyone! like i said, i only watch the movies and not the books. because of the release of book seven, i’m closing comments on this post in case someone decides to give away the ending on here. not that i think anyone would be that rude, but.. just in case…

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