last of the faeries…

well, my new job is keeping me pretty busy so i’m not sure how much of a blogger i’m going to be for a while. but i wanted to post something so that it doesn’t look like i just disappeared all of a sudden. so here’re a couple more faeries i scanned in last week. i’ll scan in some non-faerie sketches in between freelance and comic work sometime this weekend. this is actually the last of the faeries. unless there’s a huge outcry for more i think it’s time i move onto some other subject matter.

pixies11.jpg   pixies12.jpg


  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    I don’t think anyone can ever go wrong with lots of fairy drawings. More fairies! Yay!

  2. mike’s avatar

    ha ha! thanks sarah! i’m sure this won’t really be the last of them. just for a little while.

  3. bryan B.’s avatar

    I particularly like the second one. My daughter likes to go outside and collect all sorts of berries and twigs and nuts, etc. and put them in a pot with lots of water, then she leaves them out in our woods for the fairies to eat. Fairy soup she calls it. I need to start showing her more of your drawings, in fact I will!

  4. mike’s avatar

    that is so cool, bryan. tell your daughter fairy soup is what fairys’ love best!

  5. J. Shamblin’s avatar

    These sketches are amazing! I also like the viking art you posted a while back. Keep it up, Mike!

  6. mike’s avatar

    thanks, jerry. i’ll try, but i think i’m going to dissapear from here soon so i can concentrate solely on my story for parable. it’s already october!

  7. Megan’s avatar

    You should draw ALOT more faeries! pleeezz?!

  8. Jasmine’s avatar

    I LOVE These Sketches, I Have Also Fell In Love With You Pixie Sketchs, You Must Draw More!

  9. silke’s avatar

    I draw faeries… and i love it!
    i wase 4 and i have draw 5 faeries hose sitting on the floor
    my mam ,lusthintia,…say to me she love it sow much
    and now i know i’m good
    i go folow schoolyear to a drawing school

    i hope if i can go… the faeries belife in my dream….!!

    X. me!

  10. Rose Caigen’s avatar

    whenever i see fairy drawings, i always try to re-draw them my best. Unfortunaltly, they never turn out as good as yours. Keep drawing more fairies! Love you work.

  11. amanda’s avatar

    i love fairy drawings but what i would like to know is where i can find more of your drawings i mean theres only 2 and there good but i want to see more!

  12. mike’s avatar

    thank you very much, everyone! i’ll continue to draw faeries whenever i find the time. :)

    amanda- i have pixie sketches all over this blog. did you search around?

  13. scarlet’s avatar

    i can draw like that.

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