last day

today is my last day. i’ve been at this job for five (or is it six?) years (i can never keep track of years) and this is my last day. it feels kind of weird since i’ve spent my (so far) entire post college life working here and now i’m finally moving on. i’m excited, a bit nervous, and i really feel like doing some drawing right now.

here’s a silly make-believe landscape in no relation to the above writing:



  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    Congratulations! Yay for the new job!

    Cool little sketch too!

  2. bryan B.’s avatar

    Where ya moving to? In fact, where are you moving from? Change change change. Wheee. Love the drawing. Makes me wish it was crunchberries on the trees. mmmmm crunch berries.

  3. mike’s avatar

    thanks sarah! YAY!

    bryan- just moving to a new job is all. i’m still staying here in humid ol’ tampa. too humid in fact, for the crunch berries to ripen.

  4. Sabrina Eras’s avatar

    well…I won´t lie…it is very weird move to another job…I worked in many places and every time is the same….but the beggining is allways te best…so, enjoy it… is allways great change the things in your life, ´cause we have to move on, isn´t that? :D
    kss kss

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