drawer geeks went up over the weekend and this time around the assignment was vikings. this was a fun week because i was able to get a sneak peek of one of pascal’s drawings and play off of that.

so after i drew this…

…i saw this

…and so i decided to draw this…

…and this:

i think these were the fastest drawings i’ve ever done for drawer geeks (though my elvis one was done pretty quickly). they may not be the greatest things i’ve ever drawn but i think the quick sketchyness of them adds to some of the fun.


  1. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Ha, I love these, all of them. Definitely some of my favorites for the week. I really like the sketchy quality, especially in the second one.

  2. Sarah!’s avatar

    Hilarious! I can’t believe I didn’t make the connection to Pascal’s vikings, I guess I had my brain shut off while I looked through drawergeeks. So awesome.

    I like the blue/black/white look too :)

  3. mike’s avatar

    thanks bryan! that second one was so quick i just drew it in ballpoint. if i had taken more time with it think it would have come out better. eh.. the idea was there. :)

    sarah- i thought it would have been fun to throw your romance viking into the mix after that last one, but things got way too hectic towards the end of the week. maybe someday…

    thank you!

  4. Kent Culotta’s avatar

    I really loved these viking pieces Mike. Your work is always one of my favorites on Drawergeeks, and these are really fun and funny. Just great! I agree with Sarah, the blue/black and white is so cool.


  5. mike’s avatar

    thanks, kent! i thought your viking was awesome. all your stuff is always so well drawn!

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