resort sketch

landscape02.jpgspacer.gifeeh… it’s saturday. and i’m at work. and it’s slow. so i thought i’d post something.

this is just a quick brush pen sketch of the view from our room at the disney resort we stayed at last weekend. i was too busy swimming and suffering the wrath of the sun to do much drawing that day, but i did manage to escape to my sketchbook for a bit while jen was showering up before dinner.


  1. Bryan’s avatar

    Very nice. But now I really want to know what it says in the bottom right hand corner…

  2. mike’s avatar

    huh? oh- ha ha! it just say “port orleans riverside” or something like that and the date. nothing special.

    thanks, bryan. :)

  3. donna’s avatar

    wow AMASING work

  4. mike’s avatar

    thanks, donna. :)

  5. Victoria W.’s avatar


    1. mike’s avatar

      well, disney world’s interpretation if it at least. ;)

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