the two cutest kitties on the face of the planet

misty01sm.jpgremember a looong time ago when i said i would post pictures of my cats? this is that post! just check out how adorable these two cross-eyed felines are. and if you get a chance, you can let me know how close i came to their likeness with that zen inspired sketch from that aforementioned post.

(photos by jen)




  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    Ah! Your cats are so cute. I’ve recently been turned into a cat person by my husband. We have two as well… one all white kitten and one brown/black/super fluffy two-year-old who’s hair gets everywhere :)

  2. mike’s avatar

    you need to post pictures sarah! ours are only two years too- no wait, just misty. the brown one, ash, he’s two and half now. i think. jen’s better at keeping up with that stuff then i am.

    and yeah, i had a dog growing up. but now i’m a cat person too! :)

  3. Sarah!’s avatar

    Maybe I should :) I was thinking of making “Pets” my drawergeeks topic, but now I think I’m going to do something far more nerdy…

  4. mike’s avatar

    oh! i forgot you’re the chooser this time around! i can’t wait to see what you decide on.

  5. ashley’s avatar

    cute!!! too bad im algect to those furry hair balls

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