just got back from an awesome couple of days at disney- hanging out at a resort with jen and my parents and seeing the david crowder band ROCK THE PARK OUT at this year’s night of joy. seriously- my favorite band right now.

because of that, i didn’t get a chance to post my drawing for drawer geeks on friday. this week was sgt rock, a WW1 dc comics military hero. unfortunately, i soon found out i am awful at drawing WW1 military heroes. especially their artillery. so i just drew the sgt as a kid and gave him a super soaker.

sure i cheated, but i least i drew something. :)

and cow & buffalo went up today. i might spin off a little arc out of this one. we’ll see…


  1. Josh’s avatar

    Extremely awesome! I love your coloring treatment/style…. gonna have to peruse that post where you did the step-by-step again….

  2. Sabrina Eras’s avatar

    oh..this little boy is so cute. And “WOW”!!!Disney..I´m crazy to go there…

  3. Sarah!’s avatar

    I really like this. Definitely one of my favorite drawergeeks for this topic :) Your art is so appealing. Stephen was saying this reminded him a little of Kazu Kibuishi’s drawing stlye.

  4. Bryan’s avatar

    I’d have to say this was my favorite Sgt. Rock. Very very cool.

  5. mike’s avatar

    thanks everyone!

    josh- i colored this one slightly different then the tea party piece. i’ll see if i can’t put together another progress sometime soon though…

    sabrina- yes, disney is awesome. i’m a sucker for that place.

    sarah- oh no! you’re right! i have no excuse (though i am reading dasiy kutter right now…)

    bryan- dude. your’s was cool. mine is just silly.

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