kitties and guns

i was just informed that my kitty pryde drawing i did a little while back is up on project rooftop. i’m not a costume designer by any means, so it’ll be interesting to see what people think about it strictly from a costume standpoint. dean trippe is also going to be doing a month of guest strips for his awesome butterfly comic in october. i just sent mine off to him so i’ll let everyone know when that’s up.

and here’s a quick drawing, for drawings sake. i’m not really a gun lover. i’m more in the batman mindset of prefering melee weapons when it come to combat. but i just recently finished watching the entire season of firefly and even more recently rewatched silverado again so now i think guns are a little less lame. especially when they’re being held by a female. :)



  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    Sweet! Congrats :) What a neat site. Your costume design rocks. And yay Firefly! We are watching Angel Season Five right now. So much fun. Hurrah for Joss Wheden.

  2. mike’s avatar

    season five was the best! i love the muppet episode. it confounds me how joss can make such excellent shows only to have them cancelled.

    actually, no. it doesn’t confound me. i blame reality tv.

    actually, no. i don’t blame reality tv. i blame the people that watch it.

    but yeah… joss is writing one awesome kitty pryde right now too!

  3. Sarah!’s avatar

    Really? I must check that out… Is it another part of Astonishing X-Men? I’m such a junkie for collected issues in books (so they behave in the bookshelf) that I never quite know what’s current.

    The muppet episode rocked! We just saw that one yesterday :)

  4. mike’s avatar

    yup, the last issue was awesome. but yeah.. wait for the trade. it’s painful having to wait two months between issues and i think there’s only one left for the current story arc.

  5. bell is swell’s avatar

    yaa its ok but mabe you should draw more sketches then kids with guns an stuff like ya sorta like faries, mermaids, and dragons
    mithical stuff

  6. =)’s avatar

    I really like this picture. It’s very cute. Finally someone who draws girls with guns

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