girls08.jpgspacer.gifhey! a drawing of a girl! surprise!

from the date on there, it looks like i drew this all the way back in june. that’s how long it takes me to get to scanning my stuff in. by the time i get around to posting it here i’m about ready to start a new sketchbook! not only that, but when i post these old things, i notice all the little stuff i may have learned to do better now. not always, but it’s nice to sometimes see some slight improvement that’s been made in just a couple of months.


  1. Sabrina Eras’s avatar

    These sketches are so great. Loved it all!!!
    Kss :fav:

  2. mike’s avatar

    thank you very much, sabrina!

  3. FromGreece’s avatar

    i want a msn for u mike!can u give me it?plz???

  4. FromGreece’s avatar

    i want a msn for u mike!can u give me it?plz???

  5. Meg’s avatar

    I love this drawing!!!!!!!!!! Could you please draw me some pictures for my friends. I’m writing a short stroy about our friendship, based on our sleepovers. Heres some info about us:

    Ayesha has dark soft skin that always was glowing and long black hair that fell past her waist. Sarah was white as a ghost and had strawberry blond hair that formed wild curls when not straightened. Honey, like her name says, has honey blond hair and was a lot shorter than the other three girls, but her sense of humour made up for that. Meg, on the other hand was tall and skinny, wore glasses and had a face covered in freckles.

  6. Amie’s avatar

    i lovee yahhhh drawing skills really there amazing to look at !
    how onn earthh did yahhhh learnnn 2 draww likeee thaaa.
    pleaseee addd meeee onnn msnnnn my addiee is thoughh i need mee cuzz 2 download msn 4 me againnn (N) nooo boddy elseee add meee causeee i dont want to tork 2 yahhhh . I gorhhh mee teethhh yankeddd out innnn
    febbb it yakss burhhhh i gorhhhh mine under anesthetic :s
    they left a big massivee brewiseee
    any waii seeyahhh later
    Amie aged 10

  7. Amie x’s avatar

    That picturee isss lushhh shee kindaa remindss mee of Rosee frommm the
    titainic.Youu wereee bornnnn too sketchhh gett summm onnn google

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