men on the moon

oh yeah. drawer geeks was new yesterday. this week was elvis and mine was done pretty quickly since i was wanting to get something drawn before my surgery (of which i healed up pretty well so wasn’t that necessary after all).

buuut, i’ve learned i’ve needed to explain this one a bit. i kinda thought that might be the case but jen (my best critic) laughed at it so i thought, “hey! it must work! good!”.

well, uh… here it is:

so my thinking is that elvis is not really dead, right? he’s just living up on the moon somewhere. so i was just gonna, you know, draw him on the moon. but then i was like, shoot! andy kaufamn is up there too. i can’t draw one without the other! but then i wondered if they even got along. i opted for probably not. why they painted a dotted line instead of a straight one i have no idea. like i said, it was done pretty quickly.



  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    I feel so silly now that I didn’t get it the first time… Yay Elvises in space! Don’t blame him, I’d paint a line too. I mean, come on, the man plays bongos!

  2. mike’s avatar

    don’t feel silly. i don’t think anyone got it (except jen). i blame it on my very quick and non researchical version of andy. i’ll have to try harder next time.

    and yes, it was the bongos what did it. ;)

  3. ashley’s avatar

    WHAT?????? I dont get it…..

    :( ??????????

  4. ashley’s avatar

    WHAT?????? I dont get it…..

    :( ??????????

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