manifest destiny

so, not content to simply set up a myspace, i found a very cool plugin for this blog that crossposts my posts into a livejornal account. now, if it’s easier for you to read my buffalog through your friends page on your livejournal account, just add mr_cow to your friends list. you can even comment on stuff there.

i’m slowly conquering the internet, one online community at a time…


  1. squish’s avatar

    i didn’t know you had a myspace account. awee… i miss you. I just sent you a friend request and would love to touch base with you sometime soon =)

  2. mike’s avatar

    i just set it up! and i just added you too. :)

    i’m starting to wonder, who doesn’t have myspace…

  3. Breadwig’s avatar

    What is this plugin of which you speak? Is it actually working? I’m a real curious!

  4. mike’s avatar

    oh yeah! it’s awesome. i’ll email it to ya. there one for blogger too i think, but i haven’t plugged that one in yet.

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