recovery on myspace

so while recovering yesterday from getting some teeth yanked out, i finally conformed to internet society and set up a myspace account. some of my friends have been bugging me for months now to set one up so i finally did. it’s really sad, but most of my day yesterday was filled up with listing things that i like and searching for people i know (or want to know). and since i really like listing things that i like and finding people that i know, i must say i’m kinda happy that i set the thing up. so if you’re reading this and you have a myspace account, send me a friend request so i can look cool and popular.

i also drew some more pictures of piXie:




  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    Yay more piXie! What are her powers? It would be awesome if she were really tiny… like “The Atom!”

  2. mike’s avatar

    hmm.. i don’t really know yet…

    i was thinking she could turn really small like that, but then she’s too much like “wasp”. maybe she’s aways tiny. hmm…

    i’ll have to give it some thought. :)

  3. ali’s avatar

    I LOVE pixies! And YOUR pixies are TOO CUTE! ;) I especially like the one in the X uniform, kind of a super pixie? Super cute anyway! ;)

    I will add you to my Myspace friends, if you want ~ yes, I know, everyone is freakin’ on that thing! Aren’t we all pathetic! LOL! ;)

  4. mike’s avatar

    myspace is CRAZY! i keep finding people i know on there. or rather, they keep finding me. which is kinda creepy. i’ve only had the thing for TWO days!

    but yeah. friend me!

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